We spoke with Pam Thompson, Owner and President of Anderson Asphalt and Concrete Paving, LLC, about receiving the 2020 Lillie Knox Investment Award and how WBCS has helped her business grow.

Anderson Asphalt & Concrete Paving, serving Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas, is a full-service paving company with the experience for paving new construction, repair, recycling, and replacement. From new construction to repairs and maintenance of existing roads and parking lots, Anderson Asphalt & Concrete Paving, Inc. is here for all of your asphalt and concrete paving needs.

I was thrilled to receive the grant!

I contribute to the award every year, and last year I decided to apply myself. I was surprised and thrilled to receive a grant!

The funding I requested was for a digital grade control system for our asphalt lay down machine. This controls the thickness of asphalt installed so the finished road has a smooth finish without bumps and dips.  Many road paving projects have very stringent smoothness requirements and without this system, we cannot bid on these projects. With this new grade control system, I knew we would be able to bid on projects for North Texas Cities and Counties, and even TxDOT. These groups represent a vast number of projects that range from $100,000 to several millions. 

This equipment is expensive – more than $25,000, but I knew it could grow our business by 25% to 30%. With COVID, our business was down, and there was no way I could invest that kind of money until I received the Lillie Knox grant. With the Lillie Knox grant, I am happy to report that we landed our first deal as a result of this additional service that we now can offer. The job is paving for a local city, and the project is three-quarters of a million dollars.

WBCS offers educational programs and speakers which gives me and my staff an opportunity to grow professionally.

I attend all the major events and use four WBEs to provide important services to my company. The Trade Talk group has been especially helpful with a smaller audience and an opportunity to talk one on one with corporate members. I’ve been able to develop relationships, submit bids. I have partnered with other women in similar businesses as a subcontractor or partner.

“I am a big supporter of WBCS. I give back to a group that supports me and my business, and I contribute to the Lillie Knox Award every year because the program is such a benefit to the winners.” – Pam Thompson, Owner and President of Anderson Asphalt and Paving, LLC 

I want to encourage other WBEs to apply for the Lillie Knox Investment Award. It’s an awesome program and worth taking time to complete the application.