In celebration of our 25th anniversary, we are selling a one-time-only commemorative t-shirt, Lift as You Climb. 2020 has turned out a little differently than we all expected, but through it all our members have shown incredible resiliency and support towards one another. In the words of our President & CEO Debbie Hurst, “That’s what women do, here at WBCS and in their own businesses – learn from one another and give back as they soar.” 

The idea behind these shirts was voted on by our members and embodies this exact idea - we encourage you to continue to lift each other up as we climb together through future challenges and successes.

Through June 25th, t-shirts are 2 for $40, or $25 for single orders. They are navy soft-style cotton white print, and pick up and shipping options are available.  After the pre-order, only very limited sizes will be available, so order one (or 5) today! Click here for the order form.