Betty Manetta, 2019 WBENC Star

Every year, WBENC honors 14 women business owners with the distinguished Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) Star Award. This year WBCS nominated Betty Manetta, President & CEO of Argent Associates, Inc., for the award because of her leadership skills, business success, and ability to serve as an inspiration to others. 

Betty has been a member of the Council since 2002. She currently serves on the Women of Color Committee, WBCS Board, and is part of the WBENC Forum. In 2018 she was a recipient of one of our WBE of the Year awards. She has also sponsored many WBCS events and is an advocate for women in business as she continuously works towards diversity and inclusion. 

On WBENC's blog, this week she shared insights on her challenges as a women business owner, her proudest moment in business and her advice for new entrepreneurs. WBENC recognized Betty as “The Collaborator” because she is committed to the development of her team, partnering with other WBEs, sharing her expertise and best practices, and fostering communities of like-minded and supportive women entrepreneurs. Congratulations Betty!