This year, WBCS hosted its largest Connection to Contracts to date! It was a transformational day filled with informative workshops, insightful keynote speakers, recognizing our award winners for all they have accomplished over they least year, all the way to corporate led roundtables. This kind of success does not happen without the outstanding members across our region continuing to build foundations on which women-owned businesses can succeed. 

For that reason, we are honored to recognize our 2023 Corporate Momentum and Women Working Together Award Winners!

Corporate Momentum Award

Each year, we want to honor the corporation with the highest increase in Spend over last year. Thus the creation of the Momentum Award! This recognition is to honor the hard work that our corporate members put into increasing the support for women's business enterprises in our community. This year's Momentum Award winner has not only increased support of WBCS over the last year, but they have increased their WBE Spend three times compared to 2022. We are honored to present this award to Alcon! They are proof that the work we are all doing together can be truly transformational. Thank you, Alcon, for all you are doing for the WBEs across the nation and in our region.

Women Working Together Award

Every day, we are honored to hear the stories of women working together! Each of our WBEs share a wealth of skills and expertise, so it is only natural that they work together. Each year, we recognize one outstanding WBE to WBE deal. WBCS is honored to present this award to Anderson Asphalt & Concrete Paving and Fireman's Paving Contractors!

In 2022, Fireman's Paving Contractors partnered with Anderson Asphalt & Concrete Paving to close a $1 Million annual partnership with the University of Dallas! With relationships at the forefront, these two WBEs are walking the walk when it comes to "lifting as you climb".