Cathi Coan, President/CEO of Cool Effex announces a new done deal with fellow WBE, Billie Bryant-Schultz with CESCO.  Cool Effex created a Glamakin for CESCO, named "Wasteful Wanda/Techie Tina" to be used for social media awareness of managed print services.

A Glamakin is a theme-based, decorated mannequin that helps represents a company's product, service or charitable cause.  Eighty percent of each Glamakin is made from recycled or repurposed materials.

"Billie and I met when I was WBE certified in 2005.  Billie is a pioneer of what it means to truly understand how tough it is to be a women owned business from years past and present.  Her expertise and drive for helping other women owned businesses is inspiring.  We have participated together in RFP opportunities and served together on several WBCS committees," says Coan.

"The Glamakins are utilized in a very creative and educational way to deliver a message on sustainability and the cost-saving environmental benefits of going green," says Bryant-Schultz.