Tiffany Ricks

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Yesterday we looked at the process for creating a compelling pitch. Writing it out is the first step, but once you have it ready to go, what’s next? Tiffany Ricks, CEO of tech startup Hacware, successful entrepreneur, and Chief Hacker, knows how to sell her business.  Last year she was featured giving her pitch in a video for the American Airlines Diversity Supplier team after impressing one of their representatives at a WBCS event. Today she’s bringing you her tips on how to prepare and be confident to give your best pitch at Connections to Contracts

What do you do to prepare for an event where you will be speaking with corporate professionals?
I always set a goal before attending a corporate networking event. Typically, I will research the recent RFPs or press about the corporation that aligns with Hacware's products and services to understand the company's values.

Next, I will register my company in their vendor portal because I know that is the first action item for a vendor. After that, I email the vendor point of contact to let them know that I am attending the networking event and am looking forward to introducing myself in person.

How do you remain confident while giving a pitch?
My best advice is practice, practice, practice. You also want to know your target audience and customize your pitch to what they want to hear.

What have you seen a result from your success at corporate roundtables and procurement events?
Through these events, I have been able to build relationships that have led to introductions with C-level decision makers. I have also been sponsored to attend various networking events, and this past year I was nominated as a WBE Rising Star for the 2019 Parade of Stars Awards Gala.

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