The Corporate “Roundtable” Discussions at Connections to Contracts are a great time to learn about our corporate members and how they work with WBE’s and small local businesses. During these sessions, WBEs will be able to meet with corporate representatives in a small group video chat limited to 8 WBEs. Here are a few tips to help you stand out and show that you are best candidate for doing business with a corporation.


Before deciding which tables to sign up for, research the participating corporations to see which ones you would be able to provide services for. Reserve your roundtable spots at Connections to Contracts, then do further research so you know their clientele and what they stand for.

Tim Yamada, Supplier Diversity Manager at Toyota, recently gave some advice to WBEs looking to work with large corporations. “We’ve seen that smaller suppliers can be more innovative, nimble, and flexible. It’s beneficial to corporations if you can do some research and try to identify solutions that your company can help us solve in the future.”

Have your pitch ready

You provide a service that can benefit corporations and their needs, so be ready to display your capabilities and why you would be the perfect candidate in 60-90 seconds. Mention things like your certifications and the work you have done with WBCS and other WBEs. Click here for some more tips from Robin Pulford, former Supplier Diversity Manager at American Airlines.

Mention your certifications

WBENC WBE Certification is the most widely recognized and respected national certification for women-owned businesses in the U.S, and can help open new opportunities with corporations and government entities. The more prepared you are for diverse situations, the more applicable your skills and services will be to other companies and corporations.

"Supplier diversity programs vary for corporations and public entities.  Its important to have as many certifications as possible so that you can maximize your business opportunities through the various programs available." - Suzanne Cruz - Sewell, Assistant Vice President, Business Diversity & Development at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Follow up

Let these corporations know you mean business!  After you've made a connection, it's important to follow up and be able to deliver your product to secure the business. Get in contact with the representative you spoke with and thank them for participating in Connections to Contracts. Take this time to remind them of your business, services, and what you can help them achieve.

Connections to Contracts is our signature procurement event of the year. The day will feature a welcome reception, corporate “roundtable” procurement discussions, a c-suite executive keynote address, corporate industry-focused sessions, WBE success stories, mindfulness moments, exhibitor booths featuring select sponsors, small group networking, and one-on-one networking. Click here for more information and to register.