In response to the evolving workplace needs of the future, Valerie Freeman of Imprimis Group and Sherri Elliott-Yeary of Optimance Workforce Strategies joined together to create Human Capital Solutions (HCS), a new division of the Imprimis Group. This company offers human resource consulting that yields measurable results.


Since meeting in 2007, Valerie and Sherri continued to stay in contact through various HR & Staffing events.  In 2010, Sherri became a WBENC certified company as she witnessed the value of having the certification.  Valerie and Sherri started discussing the idea of how they could maximize their relationships and business offerings to meet the changes in the workplace in April 2012 and continued working on their plan to join forces until August when the official HCS Division was launched.


"We have all experienced the obstacles faced by women in the workplace so it’s valuable to be able to reach out to like-minded women business owners who can advise, who can listen, who can buy our products and services, and who can make us think differently about our businesses," adds Freeman.