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Join us this year for Connections to Contracts, a procurement-focused event connecting women-owned businesses with corporations and each other. This virtual offering features a welcome reception, corporate “roundtable” procurement discussions, a c-suite executive keynote address, corporate industry-focused sessions, WBE success stories, mindfulness moments, exhibitor booths featuring select sponsors, small group networking, and one-on-one networking. 

The goal of this virtual event is to provide access to business opportunities between our members that eventually lead to contracts, therefore helping women-owned businesses achieve parity.


Monday, April 19th - Wednesday April 21st

Featured Events:

Small Group Networking

Video networking every morning in groups of 8 or less. This is simply a time for networking, with no programming or agenda, just conversation. 

Corporate Industry Insights

Corporations will provide insights into industry trends and what consumers and vendors can anticipate. The featured industries are Energy and Transportation.

Corporate “Roundtable” Discussions

“Roundtables'' are small discussion groups of 8 WBE’s or less and a corporate representative that will lead the discussions. WBE spots are on a first-come, first-serve basis, allowing you to hear from a corporate representative of your choice. 

Keynote Address

Lori Ryerkerk, CEO of Celanese, will provide insights on leading a diverse team while driving inclusion and innovation. 

WBE Success Stories

WBEs will provide insights on what has worked well for them in doing business with a particular sector, featuring corporate America, the federal government, and public entities.

Mindfulness Moments

These sessions are intentional, brief breaks scattered throughout day two. They will be guided by a WBE and allow the mind and body to reset and re-energize. 

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