Do you have a Capabilities Statement for your business? Capabilities statements are a key requirement in the pre-qualification for government projects, private sector major projects, and sub-contractor work. 

On March 24th, the Women's Business Council - Southwest held a session at the WBENC Focus on the Future Event over The Art of Capability Statements, as well as a follow up "Round 2" session a few weeks later. At these sessions attendees learned from corporate leaders on how to develop a capabilities statement that stands out and effectively communicates your company’s strengths. WBEs who have successfully utilized capability statements gave firsthand insights how they were able to secure contracts and grow their businesses.

What is a Capabilities Statement? Some best practices from our panelists:

- A capability statement is a living resume that should be written to who you are trying to sell to, whether it’s an industry or specific client.

- It should do two things – share who you are, and what you can do. Don’t overdo it, share exactly what you think would be relevant.

- It should be structured and outlined as if it’s the first time introducing yourself to your customer. They should receive basic information, so they don’t have to do additional background research on you or your company.

For more advice and information on capability statements, you can find the presentations from the first session below:

Capability Statements from a Corporation's Perspective

Capability Statements - by Suzanne Cruz-Sewell, Assistant VP, Business Diversity and Development, DFW International Airport