Jessica Baker, CEO and Founder of Glass Staircase

On Wednesday, January 26th, join us for our next Austin Women Owned Wednesday, a virtual event that features small group networking and a keynote presentation focused on a business topic relevant to the Austin community.

We are excited to introduce Jessica Baker, CEO and Founder of Glass Staircase, an Austin-based brand, content, and social agency as our first Austin Women Owned Wednesday speaker of 2022! Years of working in the corporate and fast-paced event space helped Jessica hone in on women and their missions and other entrepreneurs looking to scale, grow, and move at a rapid pace. Her past experiences shaped the mission and values Glass Staircase operates under. Helping others find their voice and power, break glass ceilings and make big things happen has become not just her work, but her life’s pursuit.

In our January 26th session of Austin Women Owned Wednesday, Jessica will dive in to the topic of Personal Branding. Personal branding is how the world perceives you, and how you present yourself to the world. It’s who you are. It's easy to wind up in a personal brand identity crisis if you don't take the time to evaluate your goals and check-in with how you communicate with the world. During this interactive presentation, you will define and refine goals, audit your online presence, unearth strengths and opportunities for growth, and decide which areas to focus on and prioritize. We recently caught up Jessica with to get a little more information on what this workshop will be about, and why you should attend.

Who is this workshop geared towards?

  • If you are a person — you have a personal brand! This workshop is for anyone who’s ready to show up online, in meetings, and in life as the best representation of themselves!

What kind of business owner can benefit from a personal brand?

  • You don’t have to be an influencer or a social media guru to curate a personal brand that makes an impact — this workshop is for everyone who’s in business and is looking for growth.

What is one piece of advice you have for anyone looking to define their personal brand?

  • When you invest the time in personal branding, you’re investing in your growth and the growth of your company. Do the work — once you get started, refinement and development comes naturally.

Please visit our Austin Women Owned Wednesday registration page to read Jessica's full bio, or to sign up for the January 26th session.