On Wednesday, March 24th, join us for our March Women Owned Wednesday here we will discuss the ways in which women thrive in leadership, what our biggest challenges are and how to step up, take charge and understand our leadership strengths.

Sierra Bailey has been a talented, tiny business owner for over 20 years. Her first 18 years were spent as a designer, the earliest years she was making websites and then building and running a thriving handmade jewelry business for 16 years. She has a BFA in 2D & 3D animation from The School of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University and for a year in there was a TV Host on a shopping channel. Sierra and her work has been featured in over 60 national magazines, on local and national news and on multiple prime time TV shows. For the past 15 years, Sierra has taken an active role in community service, serving on a dozen non-profit boards. She currently serves as President on the board of directors for Texas Women and Business and President of the board of directors for The Metropolitan Breakfast Club.

Sierra has a passion for serving businesses with 5 employees or less, as in her over 20 years’ experience as a tiny business owner, she found this size business was greatly ignored. In the decades of running a successful tiny business, sitting on boards, being a business educator who helps other tiny businesses thrive, and creating a popular Facebook community, Sierra has learned one huge thing: Running a tiny business and doing the thing you love (and are super talented at) isn’t about living up to the myth that more employees is better. It’s about creating YOUR business YOUR way. You can begin your education with the podcast (Doers Shakers Makers), video series, articles, and (coming soon!) the Tiny Business Books. You can learn directly from Sierra through her Tiny Workshops, downloadables, and 1:1 sessions. Find out more at mssierrabailey.com.

She lives in Austin with her husband Adam and their two rat-terrier rescues, Fiona and Bessie. When not helping tiny business owners, Sierra can be found with her a nose in a book and a cup of coffee in her hand.