The Woman's Business Council- Southwest is excited to announce the 2018 Austin Insights keynote speaker, Stephanie Breedlove. Breedlove is the co-founder of HomePay, formerly known as Breedlove & Associates. 

In 1992, Breedlove and her husband had successful careers in corporate America while raising a young family. They decided to hire a nanny to provide additional care for their boys. It was a priority that the nanny receive all the protections and benefits that working Americans enjoy by properly following the tax laws for an in-home employee. At first, the Breedloves tried to tackle the "nanny tax" on their own, but found all the documents, deadlines, and legal nuances intimidating. Their next step was to find a firm to handle the tax, but their search yielded no such firm. That's when the couple decided to build it themselves. 

After months of research, they took the leap and quit their jobs to begin an entrepreneurial journey. The journey led HomePay to become the nationals largest household payroll and tax firm and to be acquired for more than $55 million. 

Today, Stephanie's passion is to be a thought leader and role model for women entrepreneurs through speaking engagements and her book, All In. Join us as Stephanie shares her founder's tale, all her ups and downs, and her path to success at Austin Insights.

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