At WBC-Southwest we believe highlighting the impact of women leaders in our community is essential to inspire the next generation of leaders; – Kathleen Hunt is one of those leaders. 

Kathleen Hunt, President of Personalized Payroll Services, has been named the WBE Volunteer of the Year at the 2018 Parade of Stars Awards Gala for her endless contributions to the council. A role model, mentor, and ambassador, Hunt leveraged technology to build a successful company in payroll management, implementing innovative client products. Kathleen has dedicated her time to being a member of the Certification Committee, Gala Committee and is a WBENC Forum Member. “I believe you should pay it forward and help other women business owners network to help their business grow,” said Hunt in an interview, “I always try to familiarize myself with the products and services of other WBEs so when I meet a contact with either a corporate member or another WBE who can use this service, I make an introduction. I believe in helping others, and this has served me well in growing my business.” Kathleen is an extraordinary person who always lightens the burden of another through her volunteerism. Congratulations Kathleen!