Sweta Pandey is the president and CEO of Dutech Systems, Inc., a global IT consulting firm that specializes in IT Staffing, IT Consulting, SOW and project-based solutions. Dutech Systems has been a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and member of the Women’s Business Council – Southwest (WBCS) since 2019. Since becoming certified, Sweta has become a very involved member of WBCS as an event sponsor, volunteer on our Austin committee, and frequent attendee to WBCS Events.

Dutech Systems won both state and federal government contracts, as well as several Fortune 500 corporate contracts in 2020 and 2021, and Sweta made it a priority to hire and utilize other WBEs throughout the process.  Read below as she shares how WBCS membership and the connections she’s made with other WBEs have helped her company succeed throughout the last two years and in to 2022.

How has WBCS helped you connect to other WBEs for mutually beneficial partnerships/business deals?

The biggest benefit we’ve seen from our WBCS membership is the caliber of business partners that we’ve been able to work with. Without struggling, we’ve been able to find some of the best providers in their fields. We look at our WBCS members first and, so far, haven’t needed to look any further.

In the past two years, Dutech Systems has been able to bring over 10 WBEs on board for our contracts, with clients ranging from the US Federal Government, to the State of Texas, State of Massachusetts and to Fortune 500 companies. WBEs have provided us with outstanding services so our clients are taken care of, and we have peace of mind knowing that the jobs are done right the first time, every time.

How was Dutech impacted by Covid, and how did you recover and create success in 2021?

Like everyone else, Dutech Systems’s staff was unsure how to proceed at the beginning of the pandemic. We didn’t know what we could or should do. However, being a tech company, we were able to tap into our core strengths and find technical solutions to our problems. We found ways to communicate and work with clients, and worked tirelessly to make sure that our clients had all the tools at their disposal to make their lives easier.

Our WBE partners were instrumental in this. Everyone was very flexible about not being able to meet in person, and we were able to work remotely on almost everything we did.

What is one of your favorite WBCS Events and why?

The Parade of Stars Annual Awards Gala is one of my favorites for many reasons. I attended my first gala within a few months after being certified, and that event changed my perspective of WBCS, as I didn’t expect so many corporate members, buyers, and WBEs would be attending the event! Dutech Systems was a sponsor of that event and seeing our company logo on the screen and in the program book made me proud and satisfied that I was contributing to a cause that is helping WBEs like myself.

Connections to Contracts is my second favorite event (Dutech Systems sponsored this event as well!) This event is a favorite because a.) It’s in Austin, and b.) we can connect with corporate and government officials who help WBEs win government contracts and properly submit RFPs.

WOW (Women-owned Wednesday) is also a favorite. WOW is a monthly webinar that features a women-owned business in Austin. At this event, women present ideas and share success stories to help other WBEs learn from their experience.

What is your advice for WBEs looking to get more business with Corporations and/or the government?

My first advice would be to get certified!  Once you are certified, connect with other WBEs or reach out to WBCS for help. Prepare your one-page capability statement and attend all the events you can, so you’ll have a chance to connect with corporate buyers and WBEs. Then register with the SBA and other government entities as a WBE and reply to RFPs related to services you provide. This will help in winning more government contracts.

Dutech Systems, Inc. is a global IT consulting firm that specializes in IT Staffing, IT Consulting, SOW and project-based solutions. Please contact them if you are interested in working with them or for them - they are always hiring!