Done Deal
Lynne Malkoff, President of Lynne Malkoff Promotions, connected with Heather Herndon Wright, Director of Supply Chain Diversity for Vistra Corp., during a breakout session at Connections to Contracts in September.

“I was in a virtual breakout room with Heather Herndon Wright and other wonderful ladies. I happened to mention that Lynne Malkoff Promotions had implemented something new to help all her clients. Heather jumped on this and said there was a bid going out and she would have it sent to me asap. We won the bid for 25,000 custom masks from Vistra. All good things come to those that wait and Heather and I had a good laugh about that.”

When asked about doing business with Lynne Malkoff Promotions, Heather said “Vistra Corp. had been doing business with Lynne Malkoff Promotions for some of our Supply Chain Diversity promotional items needs because she is incredibly creative and affordable in her product offerings. During Connections to Contracts, she mentioned she had been sourcing PPE and since we had an existing bid out for logo face masks, we were able to get her to provide a quote. There were several other diverse firms on the bid list but Lynne Malkoff Promotinos was the best value quote received, resulting in additional savings. Thanks to WBCS and Lynne Malkoff Promotions for contributing to our annual savings results!”

Lynne and Heather are a great example of the connections that WBCS strives to help women owned businesses make with our corporate members. Congratulations to both companies on a successful Done Deal!

Are you a certified WBE or Sustaining (Corporate) Member who has done business with another WBCS member? Let us know through our Done Deal contact form or send to Natalie Groff at [email protected].