Toyota Mentorship Program 2019 Graduates

The Toyota Small and Diverse Mentorship Program is an opportunity for certified SBEs and WBEs to be matched with leaders from Toyota Financial Services to learn and grow their business through a formal year-long mentorship program. We are excited to recognize six of our members who recently graduated from the 2019 program:

  • Chanel Christoff Davis, Davis, Davis & Harmon
  • Patricia Rodriguez Christian, Texas Standard Commercial Construction
  • Melinda Zito O’Brien, Energy Utility Group
  • Andrea Tsakanikas,
  • Silvana Rosero, Laguna Media Group
  • Donna Hegdahl, The TransSynergy Group

In addition, we would like to congratulate the below WBEs who have been selected to participated in 2020:

  • Unoma Okorafor, Herbal Goodness
  • Sherrill Lester, QMF Steel
  • Angela Seaman, Seaman Group Plastics
  • Alison Kieckhafer, The Event Lounge
  • Jamita Machen, The Software Vault

Thank you to Toyota for offering this valuable opportunity to our WBEs!