Congratulations to the ten WBEs selected to participate in the 2021 Capital One SAGE Advice Program! We are excited to get started next month and continue learning over the next six-months. Learn more about the program here

To celebrate, we asked each participant to share a little about why they are excited to start this new program. Read below for their responses. 

A La Carte Catering & Cakes, Inc. - Michelle McDonald

Michelle McDonald

"I am looking forward to taking A La Carte Catering & Cakes to the next level!"

Cactex Media - Clarie Chiappetta


"I am excited to be participating in the SAGE program with other women-owned business owners. Our businesses, in all of our various sectors, are a microcosm of the economy and I can’t wait to hear learn about our shared experiences and learn from our Capital One mentors."

Claire Crowe Collection - Claire Crowe

Claire Crowe

"To me, success is being proud of each piece that goes out to a new home. It’s knowing every detail is as I intended it: the design; the finish; the packing, and delivery. Our goal is to show our clients that we are inspired and entranced by nature and that we have a true reverence for old world American metal artistry and strive to keep this tradition alive."

Gifting with Sol - Anne Mitchel


"WBCS is my new secret weapon. The training, contacts and growth I have received over the last year, even during COVID, have been a game changer for my women-owned business. I am honored to be chosen for the Capital One SAGE program and am looking forward to becoming more strategic by meeting new connections and by creating a one-page business plan and budget. Looking forward to success in 2021!"

Pessin Holdings Inc - Nicky Pessin


Rethink Results LLC - LaurieGrace Bouldin

LaurieGrace Bouldin

"It is such an honor and privilege to be part of a program that empowers women-owned businesses. In my business, I have the opportunity to help clients achieve their results by focusing on their people and culture. Not only am I passionate about doing this work for my clients, I also want to LIVE this work in my own company, constantly focusing on how to achieve results, inspire my people, and create an exceptional workplace culture. Being able to meet with and learn from other brilliant woman-owned business leaders is a unique chance to grow as a leader and to find innovative ways to develop my business. I am excited to be part of this program and know that this time will help strengthen me as a leader and help me take my company to the next level."

Spartanburg Meat Processing co, Inc, - JoAnne LaBounty

JoAnne LaBounty

"I am so looking forward to this opportunity to learn from Capital One and excited at the impact value the SAGE Advice Program will have on my business."

Spencer Consulting Inc - Kathy Mulgrew

Kathy Mulgrew

"I feel so honored to be selected for the Capital One SAGE Program. Any time you can gather the minds of tenacious business owners, especially women, you create a mixture of creativity, ambition, and passion. A cocktail for success. Wait… did someone say cocktail?"

Underground Support Services, LLC - Stephanie Teetes

Stephanie Teetes

"I am thrilled to be in the inaugural cohort for the Capital One SAGE Advice Program – working with and learning from high-caliber women in business who have high standards, high goals, and the willingness to work hard to achieve their dreams. Thank you WBCS for putting such careful thought and consideration into a curriculum that will benefit businesses across industries."

Westwind Computer Products - Brigetta Koepke

Brigetta Koepke

"Westwind is thrilled to participate in the Capital One SAGE Advice Program through WBCS this year. I look forward to learning from the WBE Leaders as well as my cohorts. Gaining additional confidence and the skills to build new relationships to capture net new business is worthy of the time investment over the next six months. Cannot wait to kick things off in July!"