Cathi Coan, President/CEO of Cool Effex announces a new done deal with fellow WBEs, Charlotte Davis, President & Co-owner and Dara Hall, Executive Vice President & Co-owner of Event Source Professionals, Inc. (ESP)! 

The two companies were introduced while serving on WBCS event committees together.  Cool Effex created a custom decorated a Glamakin for ESP, named "ESPie - the Super Event Planner" for use in social media, special events, etc.  ESPie was showcased at the 2012 WBCS Southwest Women's businessWORKS! event at the Irving Convention Center.  She even "tweeted" to the attendees.  ESPie is being utilized in current and future marketing development opportunities for ESP.

A Glamakin is a theme-based, decorated mannequin that helps represents a company's product, service or charitable cause.  Eighty percent of each Glamakin is made from recycled or repurposed materials.

"It was a real pleasure working with Charlotte Davis and Lori Lortscher from Event Source Professionals. They were very instrumental in helping to create the new Glamakin.  Their innovative ideas and creative suggestion to the overall project motivated and inspired me!" says Coan.

“Cathi really listened to us and took all of our input into consideration during this process.  Plus, she offered her professional opinion regarding styling and options for ESPie that make her part of the ESP Team.  Many thanks to Cathi for bringing the vision of ESPie to life,” says Davis.