It's time to announce the Corporate Member of the Month! A series dedicated to highlighting the corporate members going above and beyond to serve the women-owned businesses in their communities. 

Here at the Women's Business Council - Southwest, we are honored to work with nearly 90 Corporate Members in order to ensure our shared vision of lifting up women-owned businesses to positively impact the community through inclusive and prosperous partnerships for all. Each corporation brings a unique set of benefits to the WBE's that are a part of our network, and each month we are going to shine a light on all they are doing across our region!

This month, we had the opportunity to have a conversation with our September 2023 Corporate Member of the Month:

"Women-owned businesses are making significant strides, but there's immense untapped potential waiting to be unlocked," said Tracy Irby, Director of the TWU Center for Women Entrepreneurs. "By actively supporting the success of women-owned businesses, we not only empower individual entrepreneurs but also foster economic growth, innovation, and a more inclusive business landscape for all."

Above and Beyond; How the TWU Center for Women Entrepreneurs goes above the call to serve women-owned businesses!

The TWU Center for Women Entrepreneurs (CWE) has undertaken several initiatives to actively engage and support women-owned businesses in Texas.  They are funded by the Texas state legislature to help all women in Texas, not just those at TWU. 

Programming: CWE hosts a variety of workshops, including monthly, quarterly, and Saturday sessions, aimed at helping women grow their businesses. "WomenRise" is a monthly event held on the second Tuesday of each month, offering free breakfast to local participants and networking opportunities for our virtual audience. We have recently started a thirteen week QuickBooks class.

Grants: Recognizing the funding challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, CWE administers numerous grant programs. To date, CWE has awarded a total of $2,080,000 to women-owned businesses in Texas. The StartHER grant is currently accepting applications and will close on October 20, 2023.

Networking: CWE facilitates both in-person and virtual networking opportunities for business owners at various stages of development, including those in the ideation, startup, or growth phases.

Small Business Advising: CWE provides free and confidential small business advising services to entrepreneurial women throughout the state of Texas. Our team of professional advisors comprises successful entrepreneurs who have personal experience in running their own businesses.

Supplier Diversity; What successes has TWU Center for Women Entrepreneurs had while advocating for Women-Owned Businesses?

This year, the TWU Center for Women Entrepreneurs has achieved notable successes while advocating for women-owned businesses:

Participants in our AccelerateHER training programs and events, as well as grant recipients, have achieved remarkable success. Some of the highlights include securing government and private contracts, receiving both large and micro-grants, creating new income streams within their existing businesses, gaining national magazine recognition, and winning funds through pitch competitions.

On the horizon; What focuses or initiatives can we keep an eye on for TWU Center for Women Entrepreneurs?

The CWE has several exciting focuses and initiatives on the horizon:

We are in the final stages of completing a podcast and video room, which will be available to women entrepreneurs at no cost. These resources are designed to assist them in growing their businesses and providing a service they wouldn’t normally be able to afford. Additionally, we will introduce on-demand programs, enabling entrepreneurs to learn at their own pace and convenience.

The center is hosting a free headshot & networking event on Thursday, Oct. 26, 2023. Learn more here!

How does a WBE get involved with TWU Center for Women Entrepreneurs?

If women-owned businesses (WBEs) wish to get involved in upcoming CWE initiatives, the best starting point is to subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on social media. You can find the relevant links and more information here: