Leading Your People to Win! Using the Entrepreneurial Operating System’s Leadership + Management = Accountability Tool

Could your leaders benefit from understanding a few simple tools that help them manage and lead their people more effectively? Good employees are promoted to management because they were great at their job being an individual contributor. After becoming a manager, the skills they used to excel before no longer work so well because now you must get things done through other people and hold them accountable for completing their tasks. In entrepreneurial companies, it’s hard to get leadership training that wasn’t designed for managers in larger companies.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System has a tool called LMA, for Leadership + Management = Accountability, that clearly outlines the skills that you need to become an effective leader/manager of people. In this workshop, you’ll receive an assessment of your leadership and management skills which provides an outline of what you need to do to become a good boss.

At the conclusion of this workshop, you will walk away with a set of simple, practical tools that you can use immediately to:

  • Reward and recognize team members.
  • Clearly describe your expectations of people of hold them accountable.
  • Communicate expectations and direction regularly and effectively to your team.
  • Delegate tasks that are holding you back from being a more effective leader.
  • Develop your team members' talents to do and be more.


Meet Our Speaker

Kristin Robertson
CEO & Founder
Brio Leadership

Kristin Robertson is an Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Implementer, executive coach, and leadership development trainer who enables leaders to effect positive change in their businesses. As an EOS Implementer, she brings decades of experience working at and consulting/coaching leaders at over 236 companies both large and small. She recognizes that EOS is the best way to instill discipline and accountability in a smaller company, therefore enabling it to grow exponentially. EOS allows her to fulfill her  calling to change the world by helping leaders build positive, productive and performance-enhancing businesses.

Her coaching starts with unconditional positive regard for the client or group and adds both powerful questions that draw out the best thinking in the client and practical business acumen gained from decades of her own experience. With over 13 years of leadership coaching success, clients have achieved promotions to dream jobs, broken the glass ceiling, transformed their leadership effectiveness and improved their team’s performance.

Ms. Robertson was a member of the contract faculty at University of Texas – Dallas for five years where she facilitated leadership, communication, and organizational culture workshops for corporate clients.  She was one of the most highly rated facilitators on faculty.

Her latest book, called Happy Mondays: Create a Company Culture in which People are Excited to Go to Work!, guides leaders in growing vibrant organizational cultures. Her cultural model is based on a holistic view of how culture is shaped, from values and purpose, to leadership behaviors and accountability systems.

Ms. Robertson served as the 2020 President of the International Coach Federation North Texas chapter and presided over the organization during the COVID-19 pandemic and the chapter’s 25th anniversary year.  She was the founder and first president of the Dallas Company Culture Consortium, a professional organization designed to provide education, best practices, and community for culture experts in the DFW area.

Before founding her own companies, Kristin held numerous executive positions at Advent Software, where, as Vice President of Client Services, she built the service culture that enabled an Initial Public Offering, and Fidelity Investments, where she won the President’s Award in her first year of service.