The morning of Harvesting Partnerships, you will have the opportunity to come together for Women’s Business Enterprise led roundtable discussions on business themes such as marketing, human resources, etc. The WBE host remains at her table while others rotate!

What to Expect:
There are three rounds of discussion. Each discussion is 30 minutes, with five minutes between rounds to transition.

10:30 – 11:00 … Discussions Round 1
11:05 – 11:35 … Discussions Round 2
11:40 – 12:10 … Discussions Round 3


Jen Schaumburg | Fuse Solutions

AI Uncovered: A Beginner's Guide to Embracing the Future and Gaining the Competitive Advantage

By strategically adopting AI to automate processes, optimize decision-making, enhance personalization at scale, and spark innovation, businesses can gain significant long-term competitive advantages over competitors through increased productivity, superior customer experiences, faster innovation, and a difficult-to-replicate expertise with advanced technologies. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky

Jay Jordan and Aaron Salinas

Blueprint for Managing Through a Cyber, Data, or Ransomware Crisis

Without an adaptable blueprint to coordinate crisis response, a cyber-attack spells doom. Without guidance, unconstrained chaos consumes your technology and the company could crumble. Survival demands a living plan enabling swift control, with relevant roles and remedies to safeguard operations. "The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining." - John F. Kennedy

Leigh Richardson | Brain Performance Center

Brain Health: The Future of Engagement, Wellbeing, and Performance

Gain an understanding of how the brain functions in the workplace, how to build trust through open communication, and create an inclusive neurodivergent environment where all employees feel valued and where they are able to live. Grow your brand organically through workplace satisfaction and enjoyment. Learn how to develop your biopsychosocial model to maximize cognitive, social, and emotional health and performance. Happy employees tell customers how much they love their jobs and the company, creating goodwill for all and a powerful bottom line.

Shelli Howlett | Strategic Scaling 

Business Scaling

This strategic scaling session will define what scaling is and why you need these skills. We'll share some tough questions and worksheets to help you nail down 2024 strategic planning, and we’ll identify your constraints and how to build a team. It will be very interactive.

Kathy Mast | NeuvoNow

Creating a Continuous Culture of Innovation

Innovation has been a “hot” topic for years and it continues to top the list of priorities for CEO’s. However, transitioning from innovation ideas to execution and a culture of continuous innovation is still challenging. Leaders must establish a clear vision, messaging, and language, and adopt processes and tools to build confidence to achieve a continuous culture of innovation. We’ll talk about how to prioritize strategy and innovation by dedicating resources, time, and effort, as those disciplines are crucial for business survival and employee satisfaction. We will also discuss how to develop a technology strategy aligned with your business objectives to maximize efficiency and return on investment. And, most importantly, we will talk about the employee value proposition, including factors beyond salary, that enhance job satisfaction. The goal is to provide you with practical tools to grow your business through a continuous culture of innovation and change. 

Cherron Castillo | Fruitful Training Group

Cultivating and Nurturing a Growth Mindset 

Drawing on wisdom from John Maxwell's 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, we'll discuss challenges to personal and business growth. We'll use all the brains we can borrow for strategies to adjust our mindset and keep going and growing! 

Michelle Ray | Absolute Facility Solutions 

Doing Business With Public Entities, From A Prime Contractor Perspective

There are many sessions where public entities will tell you how to work with them, which is very helpful, but that’s from their perspective. In this roundtable, you will hear from a prime vendor’s perspective what to do, not to do and how to successfully pursue and perform work with public entities.

Maryanne Piña Frodsham | CMP

How to Engage Latino Talent 

By 2030, 1 out of 5 workers will be Hispanic. Support and accelerate Latino Talent.
Latinos come from a strong and proud culture that informs every aspect of their life, including their work and workplace relationships. Building your cultural competence will empower you to support the success of the Latinos you lead and work with. In this table session, you will build your workplace cultural competence by discussing key aspects of the Latino culture and worldview that directly impact their work and work relationships, including: Beliefs unique to the Latino culture that often result in expectations and behaviors that are different from, and sometimes seemingly at odds with, those of non-Hispanics. Targeted insights and examples, providing you with the tools and techniques to adapt to, and unleash, your Latino talent in every aspect of the company workplace – from recruitment, engaging and retaining to mentoring and developing Latino leaders.

Brisa Renteria | Improve Growth

How to Increase Sales in 2024

As you think about the last few months of the year, you might be wondering how you can set yourself up for a strong 2024. During our roundtable discussion, I'll share practical tips and strategies to help you boost your sales organization’s performance. We'll talk about things like using sales data effectively, building a strong sales team, and putting in place processes that really work for your sales team's success.

Gretchen McCord | Law Offices of Gretchen McCord

Lessons from the Pandemic: Making Forward-Facing Values the Norm in Business

Many lessons can be learned from the pandemic, such as how to manage a remote team and the importance of supply-chain back-ups. But the most profound lessons are deeply philosophical, and they are having an extraordinary effect on how we view, shape, and operate in the world of business. Join us to discuss how we can use these lessons to create and lead the values-driven businesses we envision – to be the change we wish to see.

Dave Seligsohn | Alterity Solutions

Measuring the Impact of Learning Throughout the Employee Lifecycle

Come prepared to identify the ways that learning can have an impact on your people at every stage of their employee lifecycle. We will build understanding and share best practices to:

  • Define the employee life cycle 
  • Look at how learning and development can impact your people at each stage 
  • Determine specific measurement criteria and targets to help understand learning impact

Meg Cook | Painters USA

Mental Health in the Construction Industry

Learn how to effectively promote mental health tips and techniques from someone who is not a licensed therapist but a supportive leader dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of her team.

Ashley Cash | Ashley Cash Coaching and Consulting

Must Haves of an Opportunity-Attracting, Brand Building, Business Growing LinkedIn Profile 

Insights and action steps for high-impact professionals + business owners who want an attention-grabbing, opportunity-attracting LinkedIn profile. Come with questions!

Kathryn Rowell | Schooley Mitchell

Profit Keeping

Your indirect/fixed costs are likely costing your business additional profit. Let’s discuss how companies are addressing these indirect/fixed costs in order to potentially increase their bottom line.

Cheryle Hays | InPower Strategist

Scheduling Your Time to Achieve Your Goals: Lessons Learned From a Chaotic, Jumbled, Mess-aholic

We’ll go over a brief overview of identifying goals for one year, three years, and five years out, and review methods for breaking down goals into quarterly actions. Most of the discussion will be spent on how to manage your time RIGHT NOW so you can take control of your schedule and inbox while accomplishing what’s important to you.

Michael Hull | Growth Acceleration Partners

Strategic Growth Through Sales & Partnerships

Achieve growth through two main areas of focus – sales and partnerships. We’ll discuss capitalizing on networking events and securing government contracts as main avenues for increased sales, and also examine cost saving measures through new partnerships by strategic hiring for creative applications resulting in more revenue.

Andrea Rowe | Marfield 

Why and How to Register with Supplier Portals

Highlights of this discussion include:

  • How to find supplier portals and why it is important to register
  • Tools and resources for managing multiple portals
  • Ways to follow up on the registration and why that’s important