This fall 2021, WBENC, through their Women-Owned initiative, is launching a large-scale public awareness campaign to boost support for women-owned businesses and encourage all consumers to #BuyWomenOwned. By asking people and families to replace at least one (and more if they can) of an everyday item that they use with items from a women-owned company, through increased conscious consumerism this fall and holiday season, we can make a measurable impact on women-owned businesses.

The Women-Owned Gift Guide is a curated selection of products from WBENC-Certified women-owned brands in a virtual, magazine-style format. This is a great resource for consumers to search for and purchase from exclusively women-owned brands easily. Check out these 15 WBCS-certified WBEs participating in the Women-Owned Gift Guide, offering great opportunities for you to #MakeOneSwitch and buy women-owned!

Health and Wellness

Tasty Clean
From pacifiers to dentures and everything in-between, Tasty Clean is here to help you keep it clean! This deliciously flavored cleaning spray is perfect for pacifiers, bottles, toys, mouth guards, retainers, dentures, camping and so much more.

Poo~Pourri delivers quality products made with natural essential oils that eliminate the funk and leave things smelling better than you found them—guaranteed. Made with a blend of NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS and other top secret ingredients, their revolutionary Before-You-Go Toilet Spray makes going #2 easy-breezy without making you sneezy. 

Urban Hydration
Urban Hydration creates and offers clean beauty that is affordable and accessible for anyone to have. They strive to see clean natural ingredients take over and be available under every person's bathroom sink, in every person's purse bag, and in every person's car armrest or glove compartment across this great earth.

Onyx Brands
Providing professional quality beauty products for consumers since 1990, Onyx Brands offers beauty, bath, and accessory items at affordable prices.

Tasty Treats

Jammit Jam
Jammit Jam is for sophisticated palates and each jam has pairing ideas on the back of every label to inspire you to cook with them. They are delicious on toast and PB&Js, but they really shine on cheeseboards, glazed on meats on the grill, used as savory pan sauces, or as ice cream, cheesecake, or dessert sauces too.

Cookies By Design
As the original cookie bouquet company, Cookies By Design pride itself in preparing arrangements of fresh baked, hand-decorated sugar cookies that are suitable for any holiday or occasion. While cookie bouquets are their specialty, they also offer a range of other gourmet gifts. From cookie gift baskets to cookie cakes, gourmet brownies, or chocolate brownie truffles all of their delicious treats are made by hand to create a delectable gourmet gift that satisfies any sweet tooth. 

Kohana Coffee
Kohana Coffee offers just about everything a cold brew coffee lover would love and need! Their products include cold brew coffee, cold brew concentrate, coffee concentrate, ready-to-drink cold brew coffee cans, and slow-roasted coffee beans.

Herbal Goodness
Herbal Goodness is the #1 manufacturer of premium quality, unique Superfoods, and herbal products to support healthy living and impact lives. 


Nudies Essentials
No more carrying around dirty underwear on your trips. Nudies Essentials are your perfect period underwear solution, providing comfort, confidence, convenience, and peace of mind.

POWERHANDZ is a global athletic training and rehabilitation product tech company that designs innovation that improves overall human performance and recovery for the lifecycle of an athlete. 

Packed Party
Packed Party designs products that make every day a party! From bags, to water bottles, to just about any accessory you can think of, Packed Party is here to make every day a celebration.

Kanti Goods
The idea of Kanti Goods blossomed when a mother and daughter’s wanderlust led them to Southern India. While visiting these new places, they started collecting beautiful pieces of jewelry infused with beautiful stories. Kanti Goods was so inspired by their findings that they decided to bring back some of these treasures and share them with you. 

Other Great Items

Xela Aroma
Choose the vessel and scent to match your home or mood. From classic scents to their special fragrance blends, Xela Aroma's soy-based candles are poured with the finest essential and fragrance oils.

Gifting With Sol
Gifting with Sol has a selection of gift options for all kinds of occasions. Both corporate and personal gift-giving options are available!

Claire Crowe Collection
Claire Crowe Collection is a classic metalwork studio and manufactory specializing in beautifully crafted objects for the home, with an emphasis on metal fire screens and furnishings, mineral lighting and hand-carved stone accessories.