To close out our celebration of Women's History Month, we got to sit down and hear from the founders behind each of our WBE of the Year Award Winners for some words of wisdom, and a little dose of inspiration from the women behind it all! 

The WBE of the Year Award allows peers throughout the WBCS Network to recognize three woman-owned businesses that exemplify outstanding business acumen, industry leadership and community service! Over the last year, these WBEs demonstrated a strong commitment to doing business with fellow women-owned businesses. Three awards are given in this category; one with annual sales under $5 million, one with annual sales $5 million to $20 million and one with annual sales over $20 million. 

First up, we are honored to recognize blueprint marketing group as our first WBE of the Year spotlight! Jenica Oliver of Blueprint Marketing Group offers fractional Chief Marketing Officer consulting services that are specifically designed and tailored to the consumer products industry. Demonstrating her ability to overcome obstacles quickly, she recently implemented a workplan in less than 48 hours that mitigated a financial loss of over $50,000 for a client. In the near future, she aims to develop a scalable and repeatable program to educate and equip consumer packaged goods founders for retail success. 

Here is what Jenica had to say: 

What inspired you to start your business? 

Inspired is a strong word. Convinced is likely a better descriptor. Honestly, allies and friends who saw in me what I didn’t see in myself. They didn’t just tell me to become a consultant or encourage me to do so, they created access to opportunities that showed me it was possible. It’s hard to imagine a world that you’re not familiar with. I didn’t know any fractional marketing consultants.  I hadn’t ever used a fractional consultant in my corporate life, so there was no roadmap. There was a need in the market and wonderful people in my life and network that believed I was the right person and encouraged me to do what I’d been doing for corporations, on my own terms. It wasn’t easy, and my model has evolved over the years – not every idea has been a good one, but I’ve learned and I’ve adapted and most of all I’ve grown as an executive, a woman, a wife and a mother.  What more could I ask for?

What has your journey to entrepreneurship looked like for you?

My journey to entrepreneurship has been unconventional, yet rewarding. I didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur, nor was it anything I had ever considered. It was intended to be “interim” on the way to my next corporate gig, but along the way I realized that I had valuable experience that companies needed access to and I could structure my engagement with them in the way that worked best for me and my family. It offered me a level of flexibility that I had not experienced previously. As time went on, I settled in to the idea of self-employment and being the author of my own story. Today, I can’t imagine returning to a traditional corporate role or at least not the type of role I previously held. I’ve outgrown that model, and that’s a good thing.

How has WBCS helped you connect to other WBEs for mutually beneficial partnerships/business deals? 

WBCS is the community I didn’t know I needed, but I honestly couldn’t do without. I’ve experienced so many firsts in the last 8 years as an entrepreneur and WBCS has been instrumental in connecting me with a network of likeminded, professional women. I’ve been able to leverage WBEs for my own business as well as on behalf of my clients. From referral partners to new friendships, it’s truly the best investment I could have ever made in myself and my business.

What advice would you give to female founders just starting their business? 

Get connected. Find your people. Volunteer. Don’t be shy. Tell people what you do and who you want to work with. You never know who you will meet and who they know. I can’t tell you how much I’ve benefited from other people saying my name in rooms that I’m not in that happen to be full of decision makers and stakeholders who need my expertise. 

Anything new or exciting on the horizon for you and your business?

I’m exploring opportunities to be able to expand my reach to be able to help more people. I’m working on some projects that will allow me to evolve from a 1-to-1 business model to 1-to-many. I’m both nervous and excited, so I think I’m on the right track!

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