We are excited to announce that on September 20th, the entire WBE certification process will become digital with the move to WBENCLink 2.0. Below are some frequently asked questions about this move to a completely digital certification process.

Q: Why is WBENC digitizing the certification process?

A: As a result of feedback and recommendations by the WBE and Corporate community for over 8 years, WBENC is digitizing the complete certification process. Digitization will provide an opportunity for process efficiencies and ultimately a reduction in processing time.

Q: What will digitization mean for WBEs?

A: The newly digitized process will allow WBEs to upload their required documents in a secure environment instead of mailing the documents to the Women’s Business Council – Southwest. Knowing that security is a high priority for all WBEs, we are ensuring industry best practices from a security standpoint.

Q: Who will see and have access to WBE documents and information?

A: As is done today, only Certification Staff and limited members of the WBCS Certification Committee will see a WBE’s documents.

Q: If I am a current member, what happens to the paper documents I have previously submitted?

A: As has been done in the past, all WBE’s previous certification documents will be kept securely on file at WBCS for a period of two years. After the retention period, they will be shredded.

Q: How will the application fee be collected?

A: The application processing fee will be collected online in a secured environment much like the one used when purchasing airline tickets. Members and applicants will also have the option to pay their certification fee by check mailed to the WBCS offices.

Q: When will the new WBENCLink 2.0 be implemented?

A: You can access the new WBENCLink 2.0 starting on Tuesday, September 20th, 2016. If you have already begun your recertification prior to September 20th, you will continue to follow the process of mailing your renewal to the WBCS offices.  

Q: Who is the supplier for the new WBENCLink 2.0?

A: The new WBENCLink 2.0 is hosted by B2Gnow, a corporate member whose core business is online certification processing, contract compliance, and diversity management. They have been named one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest growing companies three years in a row, maintain over 600,000 certification records and over 300,000 applicant accounts.

Q: How will I learn how to use the new system?

A: Vendor (WBE) training is held on a weekly basis. When you login to WBENCLink.org, click on Help & Support then Training Classes. Please note, this training covers the general system and is not specific to WBENC. Additionally, WBENC is excited to now offer technical assistance through B2Gnow along with the training you are accustomed to receiving with WBENCLink support desk.

Q: Can I use my previous login information for the new WBENCLink 2.0?

A: For security purposes, WBENC is asking all WBEs to reset their password when logging in to the new system. You will enter your used ID, then request a password reset and a temporary password will be emailed to you. Once you log in with the temporary password, you can create a permanent password and add users to your account if necessary.

Q: What will the new system mean for Sustaining (Corporate) Members?

A: Sustaining (Corporate) Members will have enhanced access to WBENC’s proprietary database of potential WBE suppliers.

Q: Who can I contact with additional questions?

A: If you have additional questions, please contact the WBCS Director of Certification, Anita Steele at 817-299-0566 ext. 206 or [email protected].