Dinah Miller is the President of Nymble Recruiting, a highly-experienced recruiting and hiring solutions company.  A certified WBE for just two years, and Miller has already grown her revenue by $4 million. She knows the power of relationships in business, "you can't do business with people you don't know". Since getting certified shes partnered with another WBE and served on a committee to aide in the building of relationships with key individuals.

How/why did you start this business and how did you learn about certification? My company has existed since 2002. I took full ownership in 2015 after a particularly large project had ended, and we needed new revenue sources. Certification opened up a whole new world of opportunity for us. WBCS provides personal access to large enterprise companies on a formal and informal basis as well as great networking and friendship with fellow WBEs.

How has WBCS membership benefitted your business? Our WBE status helped us win a sizable staffing project with the end client being a large cap company who values supplier diversity.  We gained 126 employees in 26 states and upped our revenue by $4 million. Nymble Recruiting is now bidding on a North Texas Tollway Authority RFP, an opportunity we wouldn’t have without our certification.

How did you make the most of your certification in your first year? One thing I did that has been rewarding was to reach out to the key people who founded WBCS. The mentorship and encouragement from women such as Billie Bryant Schultz has been priceless. She made sure I used my certification to the fullest and encouraged me to attend the WBENC convention in New Orleans.

What is the best reason for another women-owned business to get certified? The access to top supplier and vendor personnel is a great advantage and has led us to connect with Toyota Financial Services. There is only upside to being certified. The educational speakers for continuous learning and professional and personal growth at various WBCS events is reason enough to get certified. Hearing from Tootsie Roll CEO Ellen Gordon was a special treat.

What is one thing you wish you knew about WBCS before joining? I truly had no idea of the comradery and support that exists for women business owners. The support from large companies didn’t always exist in an accessible way and WBCS now makes it very easy to get a chance at success. I didn’t know the challenges the WBCS founders faced at the beginning and I am grateful to them for persevering 21 years ago.

How has WBCS helped connect you to other WBE's for mutually beneficial partnerships/business deals? You can’t do business with people you don’t know. Through WBCS events, I have made many contacts.  Meeting Jennifer Schaumburg at Fuse Solutions led to us helping her company with staff augmentation.  Sou Lam of Ad-A-Staff and my company Nymble Recruiting bid together on a government project, a first for my company.  I also found a great labor attorney, Alia Derrick of Derrick Law Group, at a Table Topics lunch. I am a graduate of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, and I get to keep in contact with many of our fabulous instructors who are WBEs and active in WBCS.

Have you volunteered with WBCS? Which events/committees? I served on a Business Works Expo committee.  For committee meeting, we met at Southwest Airlines headquarters which was a unique opportunity to experience their corporate culture firsthand. I also like selling raffle tickets at events or greeting arrivals. Those jobs make it even easier to connect with others.

What is your favorite WBCS event and why? Before I was certified, I attended the 20th WBCS anniversary gala at Cowboys Stadium. That was so much fun and I knew I wanted to be part of such an impressive, successful group of women and corporate sponsors.

Is there anything we left off that you’d like to share about your experience as a WBENC certified WBE? Nymble Recruiting is heavily involved in the IT sector, so we must always keep up with emerging technology. The speaker panels at the WBENC convention in New Orleans were a rare opportunity to hear the very latest technological advancements from innovative companies such as Dell, Ericsson, IBM, Microsoft, etc.  It was valuable information direct from the source to keep Nymble Recruiting on the cutting edge.