Sisters Valerie and Michelle became business partners when they decided to purchase A La Carte Catering and Cakes in 2008. Their vision was to infuse their passion for food, family, and service into the well-established catering company they took over. With hard work and dedication, Valerie and Michelle have continued to grow the business year after year. Throughout the years, their family-owned business has served various clients in different industries and sizes – ranging from small gatherings or small meetings to events with hundreds of people.

Needing to find a way to amp up their online presence, their team applied and won a 2021 Lille Knox Investment Award. Read more below about how receiving this award uplifted their business!

1. What did winning the 2021 Lillie Knox Award mean for you and your business?

As a two-time recipient of the Lillie Knox Investing for Growth Award I am honored and grateful for your support and for you believing in us. 

2. What did you use the Lillie Knox money for and how did it help grow your business? 

We used the Lillie Knox Grant for Brand Revitalization which included refreshing our LOGO and we recently had a new website built that included Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is helping grow our business because people are now able to find us. We started showing up on the first page when people were searching for us!

3. What was your current involvement with WBCS?

Current Involvement, I was able to participate in the We Thrive training program as well as the Capital One – Sage Program. We also participate in the Certifications Committee.

4. What is your favorite WBCS event and why?

The Capital One Sage Program classes was great! The information gained truly helped me with creating a plan to grow the business step by step.

5. What is the best reason for a women-owned business to get her WBE certification?

 How beneficial it is for small women owned businesses. 

6. How has WBE certification helped your business?

Having our WBE certification through the Women's Business Council Southwest served as both "Rescue Ranger & Bridge Over Troubled Waters!" How proud would Lillie Knox be today to see how the formula for women working together to support other women-owned businesses would be so Uber beneficial. We have the Women's Business Council Southwest to thank as they have never stopped being the BEST PART of being certified through this sisterhood of professionals. We have had the privilege to experience them Cheerleading the Champions, Answering The Call and Constant Marketing, Promotions, providing valuable trainings such as  "We Thrive"  and "Capital One’s Sage'' training programs, and just letting everyone know "we are here, you are there and we are ALL in this together" kept the team at A La Carte Catering & Cakes primed and pumped to pivot, be creative and jump outside of the box to provide individual meals to the homes of WBE's staff, employees and other  businesses, to catering for virtual meetings and gifts to others.  We are here today because of the drive of the WBCSW, the legacy of Lillie Knox and the motivation to succeed because the foundation of it all exists!