Earlier this year, Software Professionals, Inc (SPI). was in the market for new company videos for their website and sponsored events.  Reena Batra, CEO of SPI connected with fellow WBE Carrie Martinez of CM Productions, Inc. through their mutual involvement in the WBENC Forum, as representatives of WBCS.

“Carrie Martinez and her creative team were instrumental in bringing in their expertise to analyze the SPI brand and identify the appropriate content that should be communicated through sound and visuals.  Doing business with a fellow WBCS WBE was satisfying because we view the Council as a family and it was important to us that we support each other when seeking out an outside service, product, or partnership.” -SPI

CM Productions, Inc. is an award-winning visual content agency of experienced video and graphical storytellers. They have been certified since 2010 and owner Carrie Martinez has been an active member, board member and sponsor of the council.  They received a Lillie Knox Investment award in 2013 and 2017, and also created the videos for this year’s award presentations at 2018 Harvesting Partnerships.  

Software Professionals, Inc. is a Dallas area-based IT firm that provides information technology services focused on project-based IT solutions, as well as safety & compliance product development. They have been certified since 2005 and were the Title Sponsor for three WBCS Events in 2018 – Austin Events, Power to Potential, and Business Works.  For 2019 WBCS is excited to have them as a Title Sponsor for Table Topics and Connections to Contracts.

Check out some of the videos created. Congratulations to Software Professionals Inc. and CM Productions—thank you for your continued support of the Women’s Business Council – Southwest! 

Are you a certified WBE or Sustaining (Corporate) Member who has done business with another certified WBE? Let us know through our Done Deal contact form or send to Natalie Groff at [email protected].