In 2015, Kaylynn Jordan, President of ESNET, LLC, reached out to WBCS staff to find a WBE who could provide them commercial insurance. The council recommended President of Upshaw Johnson Company, Katie Johnson and provided Kaylynn with their contact information. Since then, ESNET, LLC has utilized Upshaw Johnson Company for its property and liability insurance needs since 2015. "There are a lot of options available for products and services.  Focusing on the WBE network streamlines the process of finding reliable references and resources to find the right connections as well as supporting another WBE who knows and understands the challenges of starting and running a business," said Katie 

Earlier this year, ESNET, LLC expanded its business model for the distribution of its international imports, and additional coverage was required. Upshaw Johnson Company was able to respond by negotiating the necessary terms and conditions through a key, specialty underwriter for ESNET, LLC to meet its deadlines and requirements. "I love working with other WBEs; our goal is to grow our businesses together. It's a WIN-WIN," said Kaylynn Jordan.