Jennifer Blakeney, President of Guaranteed Express, is on the WBCS certification committee and was assigned to the site visit for Myra Brown, President of High Value Signs. At Myra's site visit, the two discussed increasing business and the advantages of certification, such as attending all the WBCS events throughout the year, Table Topics, and volunteering for different committees. At that moment, Myra stated, “I don't think I'd ever use a courier,” as she was still building her market and handling most of what she needed by herself or sending an employee. However, within a few short months, Myra called to ask if Guaranteed Express could pick up something for her that wouldn't fit in her vehicle. Guaranteed Express was able to do it and that led to Myra opening an account with them. Since that day, Myra and High Value Signs & Studio have not only become a great client, but also a vendor that Guaranteed Express has come to rely on for signage on their vehicles. "Guaranteed Express is a valued member of our team. A big thank to the Guaranteed Express team for all they do every day to help us be a success. We depend on them and they always come through!" said Myra.