Done Deal

After seeing a Sr. VP of Procurement from Dell Inc. speak, Lisa Scott, CEO of Intuitive Edge, LLC connected with him on LinkedIn.  A few months later while in Austin, she contacted him for an introductory meeting.  This led to additional meetings with Dell stakeholders, which helped Lisa understand where their services could be of the most value. Although the deal was not made just yet, Lisa’s persistence eventually paid off!  She continued to follow up, build relationships, and inquire about future opportunities. She purchased a booth at the WBCS Business Works Expo, and let her contacts from Dell know she would be there.  A few months later Intuitive Edge, LLC was invited to on-board, and in August 2018, they became an official vendor.

Intuitive Edge is an alternative legal services provider that offers end-to-end transactional legal and contracts services to small and large companies.  For Fortune 500 and companies with large volumes of contracts to handle, Intuitive Edge provides managed FLEX teams and consulting engagements to allow companies to address workload spikes, contracts projects, compliance issues and optimization.  Intuitive Edge also has a small business program which provides personable, responsive and efficient legal support to businesses ranging from start-up stage to $50M in revenue.   

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