April 2019

Table Topics Luncheon - The First 45 Minutes

How you react at the onset of a crisis significantly impacts the result. Timing is everything, especially when wildfires spread fast with social media and 24/7 news. Learn the importance of creating a first-mover advantage and how to mitigate risk as a crisis becomes public and spreads. 

Connections to Contracts

This inaugural procurement event features corporate roundtable sessions, a c-suite executive keynote luncheon and “prime time” sessions led by Sustaining (Corporate) Members and their Tier 1 suppliers. Join us at this new signature event to transform your business connections into contracts!

I'm Certified, Now What?

You have your WBE certification, but what happens next? Join our monthly live webinar to learn how to put your certification to work! This is ideal for WBEs certified in the last year.