It's time to announce the Corporate Member of the Month! A series dedicated to highlighting the corporate members going above and beyond to serve the women-owned businesses in their communities. 

Here at the Women's Business Council - Southwest, we are honored to work with nearly 90 Corporate Members in order to ensure our shared vision of lifting up women-owned businesses to positively impact the community through inclusive and prosperous partnerships for all. Each corporation brings a unique set of benefits to the WBEs that are a part of our network, and each month we are going to shine a light on all they are doing across its region!

Introducing our October 2023 Corporate Member of the Month:

Embracing Diversity: DFW International Airport's Commitment to Supplier Diversity

DFW International Airport has long been known for its unwavering commitment to excellence in aviation services. However, beyond its exceptional operations, the airport has taken significant strides in promoting diversity and inclusion through its supplier diversity efforts. Recognizing the positive impact of a diverse supplier base, DFW Airport has been proactively seeking to create opportunities for minority-owned, women-owned, and small businesses to thrive in our community. 

Their supplier diversity program is rooted in the belief that a diverse supply chain fosters innovation, brings fresh perspectives, and boosts economic growth within local communities. The airport's procurement team actively engages with diverse suppliers, providing them with essential resources, training, and mentorship to compete effectively in working with the airport and its partners. Learn more about doing business with DFW Airport by referencing the DFW Fact Sheet and take a look at their Doing Business with DFW Airport Video.

One of the cornerstones of their supplier diversity initiatives is its partnership with regional organizations that support minority-owned businesses. Organizations like ours, Women’s Business Council - Southwest, and many others across North Texas. For example, by collaborating with external community partners, the airport actively identifies and connects with potential diverse suppliers, nurturing a robust ecosystem of entrepreneurs.

Moreover, DFW International Airport consistently seeks to expand its supplier diversity efforts by setting goals, tracking progress, and setting the tone for that work with opportunities like the DFW Airport SOAR Conference. This commitment to supplier diversity extends beyond the airport's boundaries. It encourages its prime contractors to embrace diversity by including diverse subcontractors in their projects. This cascading approach not only boosts diversity in the airport’s supply chain but also has a positive ripple effect throughout the broader business community.

An example of this comes from one of our own certified WBEs, Software Professionals Inc., who was recently recognized as their 2023 Champion of Diversity Award Winner. 

“As a company, SPI is proud to have diverse employees, partners and culture that has contributed to our success throughout the years.” Reena Batra, CEO of Software Professionals, Inc. 

DFW Airport's supplier diversity efforts exemplify a visionary approach to inclusivity and economic empowerment. By fostering a vibrant and diverse supplier network, the airport not only drives its own success but also uplifts communities and serves as a model for other organizations to follow suit. As businesses across the world continue to recognize the power of diversity, DFW Airport's progressive initiatives offer an inspiring blueprint for a brighter and more inclusive future.