Capital One SAGE Mentoring Program

Q&A with Allison Kube at Capital One

Applications are now live for the Capital One SAGE Advice Program and to help you learn more about this 6-month development program for WBEs, we talked to Allison Kube, Supplier Diversity Manager at Capital One.

Why did Capital One start the SAGE program?
Capital One started the Strategies to Advance and Grow Enterprise (SAGE) Advice program as another way that Capital One's Supplier Diversity team demonstrates its commitment to implementing innovative ways to develop and bring opportunities to certified diverse businesses. SAGE was launched in 2016, in partnership with WBEC Metro NY and WBEC Greater DMV (two other WBENC Regional Partner Organizations). 

What can a WBE hope to get out of the program?

SAGE Advice leverages the power of networking and mentorship to develop small business owners and enable them to grow their revenue. Over the course of the program, participants receive active support during classroom sessions, and they engage in biweekly check-ins with their Capital One Business Resource Partner. At the end of the program, the WBEs walk away with a one-page business plan, a completed budget, and the knowledge that we will continue to check-in quarterly to monitor their progress, answer questions, and help troubleshoot any issues that might arise.

Can you share a success store from a WBE who previously participated?

According to Laura Gross, President of Scott Circle Communications, "The SAGE team gave me the courage to be bold with my business development plan and cheered my on every step of the way. The same year as SAGE training, my company's revenue grew by 21% and I made a long sought-after revenue goal too. I'm forever grateful to SAGE for giving me the motivation and confidence to take risks and grow my business." 

Who is the Ideal Applicant?

The ideal applicant is a WBE owner who meets the eligibility requirements and:

  • Would benefit from creating a one page business plan and one year budget to keep her on track to accomplishing goals
  • Is looking to grow in these areas - financial management, marketing, relationship building, selling to corporations, and strategic planning
  • Is open to discussing her business’s strengths and weaknesses

Learn more about the requirements in our last blog. 

How Can I Apply?

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When is the Application Deadline?

Applications are due by Monday, May 31, 2021 by 11:59pm CST.

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