Tonia Tomlin, CEO of Sorted Out hired Tara Hooper, Owner of The Style Signature to do confidence coaching with her team.

It was such a joy and privilege to work with The Sorted Out team working to align the brand among each team member, helping give each of the tools to be more effective communicators, and increase their networking confidence.” said Tara Hooper, The Style Signature.

"It was very informative, and we also did some brand awareness training and style edit kit as well. That was a different session, and I can not say enough great things about Tara Hooper from The Style Signature. Not only has she helped me with my style of networking and speaking events, but she has also been a wonderful life coach and friend to help promote and grow my business. She takes the time to listen to my needs and brings out the best in me to empower my personal style, presentation skills, and connections with others! I appreciate her recent visit to help my team at Sorted Out, with image and branding, ways to boost confidence, increase team engagement, and ways to network with ease. We all learned a lot, but also had fun! Whether you need someone to help with your wardrobe or be a guest speaker to impact your business, she is the person for you! I refer Tara to my customers all the time, and you will understand why the moment you meet her!” said Tonia Tomlin.

"I can promise you that with women working together - linked, informed and educated - it can bring more prosperity, success, and opportunities to business and leadership," said Tara Hooper, The Style Signature.