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Techway Services

Katie Bailey, Account Coordinator for Techway Services met Managing Partner for Big Barn BBQ, Patti Hanson at the WBCS Harvesting Partnerships event this year. Following the event, Techway Services inquired Big Barn about providing catering services to celebrate a step to completion of ISO certification. Big Barn offered great customer service by promptly sending out the event proposal. The delivery was made right on time and all employees were grateful and FULL after the luncheon.

Imprimis Group

In response to the evolving workplace needs of the future, Valerie Freeman of Imprimis Group and Sherri Elliott-Yeary of Optimance Workforce Strategies joined together to create Human Capital Solutions (HCS), a new division of the Imprimis Group. This company offers human resource consulting that yields measurable results.

Imagine Xhibits

These WBEs met in 2010 and have produced several events together this year. Debbie had a corporate client hosting a private event at his estate and Ann helped to create original graphics, props and signage. The two companies also worked together to host a joint chapter meeting for meeting planner and trade show manager associations. In an upcoming conference, they will again work together to source entertainment, catering, event management and more!

Fit to Print

"If not for the Council, we never would have made this connection. We so appreciate the opportunity made available through Women's Business Council Southwest," says Laura Wilson. Fit to Print provided a laminated menu of services for Talent Gardener, to be used by her sales force. This is on the heels of providing pocket folders and stair-steps for them last year.

The Donna Bender Company

These two companies met at a WBCS Table Topics Luncheon last year. In March 2012, Sue contacted Donna to work on various large format and banner displays for a corporate client. The client was in need of these products for various events/conferences that they were doing throughout the year.

Cool Effex, Inc.

Cathi Coan, President/CEO of Cool Effex announces a new done deal with fellow WBE, Billie Bryant-Schultz with CESCO. Cool Effex c reated a Glamakin for CESCO, named "Wasteful Wanda/Techie Tina" to be used for social media awareness of managed print services.

Cool Effex, Inc.

Cathi Coan, President/CEO of Cool Effex announces business with fellow WBE, CM Productions, Inc. !

Cool Effex, Inc.

Cathi Coan, President/CEO of Cool Effex announces a new done deal with fellow WBEs, Charlotte Davis, President & Co-owner and Dara Hall, Executive Vice President & Co-owner of Event Source Professionals, Inc. (ESP)!

Techway Services, Inc.

Cathi Coan, CEO/President of Techway Services announces a first-time deal with Hicks Law Group ! "Rebecca and I met at a WBCS event a year and a half ago. We have continued to stay in touch and began working together," says Coan.

Northwood University

Celeste Lindell, Corporate Relations/Graduate Advisor for Northwood University announces business with WBE, The Donna Bender Company ! The two companies met at the Southwest Women’s businessWORKS!