WBE Advocate of The Year Nominees

The 2019 Parade of Stars Awards Gala is approaching soon and we are excited for the opportunity to recognize our nominees! Today we are taking a look at the WBE Advocate of the Year Award.

Thank You Spaeth and DFW Airport

In today’s competitive market winning new business is harder than ever before. That’s why you cannot just be good at pitching new business; you have to be great. We would like to thank Spaeth and DFW International Airport for their support at the Prep Session for Power to Potential. WBEs were able to practice pitches, ask questions, and gain some great insight. DFW Airport and Spaeth also provided presentation techniques and tips on how to write an effective capabilities statement. Together we succeeded in ensuring WBEs are prepared to communicate and pitch ideas, services, and products.

Austin Insights Recap

The Women's Business Council- Southwest hosted another successful Austin Insights event at the Canyon View Events Center . 100 women business owners and Sustaining (Corporate) members came together to network and hear a keynote speech by Mojdeh Gharbi, Vice President of Marketing & Operations at Certain Affinity. Gharbi's keynote speech focused on how her unique career path led her to become the Vice President of Austin's largest indie video game company which now has over a billion dollars in sales. She went into detail about how she worked both hard and smart, built a great team, and took

Power Pitch MVP: Mixed Media Creations

Power Pitch MVP: Mixed Media Creations So you received the MVP Power Pitch award! How does it feel? To say it feels “awesome” is an understatement. The second I found out I ran over to tell our owner, Susie Carter, and nearly tripped doing so because I was so excited (coordination is not one of my strong points). There may have been some bouncing up and down involved, but unless you can get that security camera footage, then I’m going to deny it. Seriously though, I feel very honored to be an MVP. While we were not able to hear other people’s presentations I was able to speak with several