ASAP Solutions Group

WBENC Women of Distinction: Nancy A. Williams

Our last WBENC Women of Distinction honoree is Nancy A. Williams, CEO of ASAP Solutions Group. Nancy provides active hands-on leadership and direction to the company's four business units of Staffing, Consulting, Workforce Compliance, and Managed Services. Nancy and her team work hard to ensure ASAP's continued and sustained growth by developing and implementing business strategies that are customer-centric and addressing our clients' most common and complex contingent workforce challenges. Under Nancy's leadership, ASAP has experienced significant growth, expansion, and diversification
Pinnacle Group

WBENC Women of Distinction: Nina Vaca

Our next WBENC Women of Distinction honoree is Nina Vaca, Pinnacle Group's Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer. Her dynamic leadership over the past 20 years has propelled the company from a niche IT services firm to the workforce solutions powerhouse it is today, with a suite of business lines to address the range of IT human capital challenges companies in the Fortune 500 face. Nina is a committed civic leader and philanthropist. She advocates passionately for women and entrepreneurs and works to advance the girls and women in STEM fields. In 2014, the White House appointed Nina

WBENC Women of Distinction: Billie Bryant Schultz

Our next WBENC Women of Distinction honoree is Billie Bryant Schultz, the Owner, President, and CEO of CESCO for over 25 years. She was a housewife raising three sons, never having thought of becoming an entrepreneur. However, in the wake of her late husband's illness she was thrust into CESCO, which at that time was a coin equipment and office equipment repair shop. Under her leadership, the company developed partnering relationships with top manufacturers of printing equipment and software in addition to building a team of very talented sales and service professionals. She and the CESCO team
ICON Information Consultants

WBENC Women of Distinction: Pamela O'Rourke

Our next WBENC Women of Distinction honoree is Pamela Chambers O'Rourke, President and CEO of ICON Information Consultants, LP, a global human capital solutions company providing Fortune 500 clients with an unmatched breadth and depth of talent customized to their professional needs. Since founding ICON in 1998, O'Rourke's strategic approach to expansion and dedication to excellence have propelled ICON to reach over $265 million in revenue for 2015 and employ over 3,150 consultants across the U.S. and Canada. Since becoming certified as a WBE, ICON has become a national leader demonstrating
CFJ Manufacturing

WBENC Women of Distinction: Sharon Evans

Our next WBENC Women of Distinction honoree is Sharon Evans, CEO of CFJ Manufacturing a mid-size American company. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, CFJ Manufacturing has evolved into a global provider of Total Employee Recognition Programs, Branded Merchandise, and uniforms. Sharon's pioneering spirit, along with the combined efforts of her global staff, has led to the creation of innovative programs and integrated technologies for her customer base. Sharon is currently the first WBE in the role of Chairperson for the Women's Busines Council - Southwest and CFJ Manufacturing has been a WBCS
CRC Group

WBENC Women of Distinction: Patricia Rodriguez Christian

Our second WBENC Women of Distinction honoree is Patricia Rodriguez Christian, President and CEO of CRC Group Inc. The firm's holdings are in the sectors of commercial real estate, retail, restaurant, professional services, and construction. CRC Group provides business, professional, and construction services to Fortune 500 companies as well as privately held enterprises. Patricia's expertise in strategic direction has been instrumental in developing strategic alliances in the areas of packaging, fulfillment, warehouse operations, business center, and mail-related services. As CEO, she has led
McKinley Marketing Partners

WBENC Women of Distinction: Michelle Boggs

Over the next seven weeks, we will feature the seven women who were selected by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as Women of Distinction. To learn more about this honor, read our previous blog here . In alphabetical order, our first Women of Distinction honoree is Michelle Boggs, President, CEO, and Co-Founder of McKinley Marketing Partners. Her leadership, courage, and instinct for optimizing business processes and procedures have drive McKinley's growth and solidified its reputation as a firm that consistently delivers top-notch marketing talent. In McKinley's

WBCS Members Recognized as Women of Distinction

In celebration of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council's (WBENC) 20th Anniversary year, new recognition programs have launched for both Corporate Members and Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) members who have served in a significant leadership roles throughout the WBENC network. Twenty-five WBEs have been recognized as Women of Distinction and will receive this honor at the WBENC Summit and Salute on March 21-23 in New Orleans, Louisiana. These WBEs have demonstrated a deep commitment to the organization and to breaking down barriers for women-owned businesses in the corporate and